Supercharged ReadersWhat is Supercharged Readers?

Supercharged Readers is a series of decodable chapter books for students in grades 1–2, and can be used as an intervention tool for students in grades 3–5.

Why Supercharged Readers?

  • Diphthongs, long vowels and other reading techniques are used to ramp up student literacy skills
  • Pre- and post-reading activities directly focus on vocabulary
  • Challenges advanced readers as well as beginning and intermediate readers
  • Engaging content includes a blend of stories, riddles, poems and information text
  • Includes 32 books and a Program Guide for teachers

Communicating Critical Literacy Concepts in an Engaging, Fun Way

The stories in Supercharged Readers bring literacy to life with engaging story lines and characters. The literacy concepts are serious, the learning is fun.

Supercharged Readers