DIBELSNextLogostackedWhat is DIBELS?

DIBELS® (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills) suite of literacy assessments features quick, reliable, and valid measures that indicate if students in grades K–6 are on track for reading success and pinpoint where they are struggling.

We understand the value of universal screening and progress monitoring. As you help your students acquire literacy skills in grades K–6, assessment tools with research and reliability are important.  


Voyager Sopris Learning will continue to offer DIBELS® Next, DIBELS® Deep, and DIBELS® Survey. We are committed to ensuring your data needs are met. Please contact your sales representative for your DIBELS resources and data management needs.   


The DIBELS suite includes DIBELS Next, DIBELS Deep, and DIBELS Next Survey. Together, these assessments enable teachers to:

  • Predict early reading success
  • Predict state test performance
  • Identify students who need intervention
  • Evaluate effectiveness of interventions
  • Select instructional interventions and group students
  • Prepare instruction to support students in reaching rigorous state standards
  • Provide universal screening, progress monitoring and diagnostic assessments
  • Use web-based, data-management system with online scoring



  • Universal screening for all students administered three times a year with color-coded grade-level assessments
  • Progress monitoring for struggling students
  • Online Test Administration
  • Increased flexibility with time-saving technology
  • Simplified test administration and scoring
  • Data management at student/parent, teacher, school and district level
  • Real-time tools to support teachers
  • Flexible implementation options