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The 2020–2021 School Year: Be Remote Ready to Bridge the Gaps

If we know anything about the 2020–2021 school year, it’s that nothing will be typical and many districts face new challenges. As educators strive to support students with literacy and math learning loss caused by COVID Slide, instructional designs must be flexible for use in remote/distance, hybrid, and face-to-face learning environments. Our goal is to enable continuous learning for all students with solutions educators can pivot between presenting in-person, virtually, or hybrid formats.

Our proven online assessments, evidence-based intervention, and professional development solutions can help. Explore the remote-ready programs we offer to overcome COVID Slide learning loss:

  • Standards-aligned assessments
  • Literacy and math intervention solutions
  • Professional learning to help educators serve all student learning needs, whether in the classroom, distance learning, or hybrid learning environments
COVID Slide Stats

Source: Academically Speaking, the ‘COVID Slide’ Could Be A Lot Worse Than You Think, Sarah D. Sparks, Education Week, April 2020.

All Students

Meet the Needs of Every Learner with Flexible Programs and Assessments


REWARDS® is research-based, short-term literacy intervention to help struggling adolescent students bridge learning gaps in the long term. Easy to implement and available for immediate use, REWARDS helps students improve capacity for decoding multisyllabic words, understand word structure, expand vocabulary, and master essential literacy skills. Grades 4–12.

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Read Well

Read Well® is a comprehensive research-based reading and language arts curriculum that helps students build the skills needed to be successful readers and learners. Through a flexible approach of whole-class instruction, differentiated small-group instruction, and individual student practice, teachers can meet students at their skill levels and adapt instruction. Grades K–3.

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Vmath® is an ESSA Strong, supplemental math intervention that complements core instruction by targeting and reinforcing the challenging grade-level concepts students need most. Grades 2–8. Vmath Live® offers students engaging activities to master at their own pace in a motivating online environment for skills-building practice of Vmath modules and lessons. Grades K–8.

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Know Where Your Students Are with Reliable, Research-Based Evaluation


ClearSight has standards-aligned assessments for reading, writing, editing, listening, math, and science with rigorous, validated items. The assessments include subject area interim adaptive measures to indicate student progress toward mastery of state standards. Grades K–12.

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Acadience Reading K-6

Acadience Reading® K–6 (previously published as DIBELS Next®) literacy assessment provides brief, formative indicators of the essential skills necessary for proficient reading. Easy and efficient to administer, score, and interpret. Grades K–6.

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Acadience Reading Pre-K PELI

Acadience Reading® Pre-K (PELI) is a storybook-embedded assessment of essential pre-literacy and oral language skills needed for kindergarten. Designed to identify students who are experiencing difficulties acquiring these skills, PELI provides information to guide the instructional support needed to improve future reading outcomes. Grades Pre-K.

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Acadience Math

Acadience® Math (previously published as DIBELS® Math) is a universal screening and progress-monitoring assessment that measures the acquisition of mathematics skills. These assessments give educators a quick-and-efficient way to monitor progress, tailor instruction, and guide students toward math proficiency. Grades K–6.

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Acadience Data Management

Acadience® Data Management (ADM) is a reporting system that gives educators the data they need to make informed instructional decisions at all levels. This online system aggregates data and easily interprets meaning through its clear and accurate reports. Grades K–9.

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Get Struggling Students Back on Grade Level in Literacy and Math

Voyager Passport

Voyager Passport® is an ESSA Strong, comprehensive, supplemental reading intervention to help students whose literacy skills have regressed. Voyager Passport provides struggling readers with explicit instructions, corrective feedback, and more time on task to master critical reading skills—in just 30 minutes a day. Grades K–5.

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LANGUAGE! Live® is reading intervention developed by literacy expert Dr. Louisa Moats and based on the science of reading. Proven to significantly improve literacy skills for struggling readers, LANGUAGE! Live combines foundational and advanced learning skills with digital and teacher-led reading instruction to guide students to reading proficiency. Grades 5–12.

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TransMath® is a comprehensive math intervention with an ESSA Strong rating that helps students become algebra ready through teacher support and practical, real-life, lesson-by-lesson models. Grades 5–10. Vmath Live offers students engaging activities to master at their own pace in a motivating online environment for skills-building practice of TransMath lessons. Grades K–8.

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letrs-logo-no-borderAligned Programs

LETRS-aligned Supplemental Programs are recommended when extra help is needed to support teachers as they apply LETRS® (Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling) professional development. These solutions are guided by International Dyslexia Association-accredited LETRS science of reading pedagogy and the Structured Literacy approach. Grades K–12.

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Professional Learning

Support Educators with Timely Training Opportunities


LETRS (Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling), literacy professional learning authored by literacy experts Drs. Louisa Moats and Carol Tolman, provides educators with the depth of knowledge and language and literacy skills to teach reading. LETRS is accredited by the International Dyslexia Association® and aligned to the Structured Literacy approach based on the science of reading. Grades preK–12.

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Literacy Symposium

Literacy Symposium is the premier online professional development event designed for preK to college educators interested in improving student success in reading and writing. Learn from thought leaders across the globe as they present cutting-edge research about literacy topics to inspire educators and teachers everywhere. June 18–19, 2020.

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EDVIEW 360 is our engaging presentation of webinars, blogs, and podcasts focused on helping educators and students succeed. We partner with experienced educators, inspiring thought leaders, and top education innovators to explore essential topics in literacy, math, professional development, assessment, SEL, and so much more.

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On-Demand Remote Learning Strategies

Strengthen Your Professional Knowledge Base About Learning Loss

Take your professional development to the next level with Voyager Sopris Learning’s on-demand webinars! These brief, instructional presentations focus on remote learning lesson tips, school-year planning strategies, COVID-19 learning loss, assessing students during a year like no other, and much more.

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Remote Learning

More Resources

Dr. Kelly A. Powell-Smith

Using Data to Improve Student Outcomes in the Context of COVID-19

The circumstances in which we find ourselves as educators at this moment call for flexible and reflective thinking about the goals toward which we might aim and the goals that we might set for our students. [We] believe we will need to adjust our goals, and likely readjust them again at a later time. Ultimately, this means we will need to be flexible with expectations.

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A Seat at the Table

What Should Effective Grading and Assessment Look Like During—and After—the Coronavirus Pandemic?

During this episode of “A Seat at the Table,” former K–5 public school principal turned popular author, presenter, and Education Week opinion blogger, Peter DeWitt will discuss grading and assessment during the current pandemic with Thomas R. Guskey, a senior research scholar at the University of Louisville.

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Clearsight Webinar

Moving Forward in Fall 2020: How the Right District Assessment Can Help Identify Learning Loss

This fall, students will start school with varying degrees of learning loss due to spring school closures. The need for accurate assessment will be critical as educators work to determine where incoming students are in relation to their prior grade's achievement standards. By pinpointing specific areas of weakness, schools and districts can appropriately address learning gaps, plan intervention, and move on to new content that meets student needs.

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Back to School 2020: A Fall Like No Other

Back to school 2020 will be like no other in history. As districts, schools, and families begin to work through educational plans for the new academic year, educators must address student learning loss during the extended spring school closure—known as the COVID slide. School reopening plans will vary, depending on many safety, social, and economic factors. However, one thing will be certain: teachers must have valid ways to reliably assess where students are in their progression of learning.

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