Principals PrimerWhat is Principal’s Primer?

Principal's Primer is a “how-to” manual for principals who are seeking a school-wide approach to lift the overall reading performance of an elementary or middle school population.


Why Principal’s Primer?

  • Focuses specifically on the principal’s role in teaching literacy
  • Practical, direct steps to implementing school-wide reading improvement strategies
  • Research-based, multi-tiered approach to reading instruction
  • Explains how to monitor the school’s progress toward shared goals
  • Places specific programs and materials of value within an RtI framework
  • Developed by national and state leaders recognized for outstanding school improvement plans

Proven Results 

Using Principal’s Primer, Jefferson County Public Schools in Colorado created the Alameda Reading Project to improve reading proficiency in elementary and middle schools in the Alameda learning cluster. In two short years, they saw dramatic results:  

  • Sixth grade reading scores increased from 78 percent to 94 percent proficiency
  • Fourth grade scores rose from 72 percent to 94 percent proficiency


  • Explicit how-to guide saves time and eliminates guesswork
  • Addresses needs of every student—those with learning disabilities, socioeconomic disadvantages or those who have simply fallen behind
  • Multi-tiered approach to reading instruction
  • Gives teachers the tools they need to provide proper intervention strategies with their students
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